Telling you again.

My education into the AIDS epidemic in South Florida continued with viewing the rest of the Special I viewed earlier this week (the special can be found here). The rest of the special focused on a series of web shorts produced by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University, (found here and here.) I cannot suggest watching this enough.

The series, entitled “The Stigma Stops With Me” tells the story of Damaries “Dee” Cruz who lives with AIDS She is an activist for AIDS awareness. After watching the entire series of AIDS awareness produced by the SJMC I can say that perhaps there is not enough awareness out there. It is a very Fascinating Journey into one persons life in the face of what many of us belief wrongly to be an instant death sentence, and it will open your eyes to the dangers around us.

I beseech anyone who reads this to watch the entire series and get themselves tested. The following link will provide you with information on the testing program at FIU, if you a current student there, like I am.


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