To Define Myself and My Subject

A question has been asked that forces me to evaluate exactly how I choose to define myself. If I started and worked at a small, community minded news service, what subjects would I choose to cover as a journalist, and what “local” area would I focus on?

I guess this question is so hard to me to answer because I have never felt like I was really a part of any community or group. It is a childish sense of alienation that has pestered me my whole life. I’m sure it doesn’t help matters that I’m an immigrant. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Well there you go; I am a Jamaican immigrant currently residing in the state of Florida.

Does the fact that I am Jamaican and here in Florida mean that I am automatically relegated to writing stories about the Jamaican cultural experience in Florida? I hope not, mainly because I refuse to define myself solely on where I was born. Don’t get me wrong, I still do have a fond attachment for and appreciation for my Jamaican roots, I just refuse to let that be my sole character trait.

Inversely though I have to acknowledge that it would be a great disservice to myself, that in my endeavors to be a better journalist I ignore any unique perspective that I may have. So, I guess IProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ill cover the Jamaican community in Florida, but I will do so with an eye toward those, who like me, are just trying to find a place to belong.

If my 10 years in Florida has showed me anything, it’s that there a lot of people who felt the same way about where they came from. There is a large Caribbean community here (I personally suspect that it has something to due with a plane ticket to Ft Lauderdale International Airport being the cheapest one out of the Caribbean). I figure that as I try to find my place in world, I may as well tell the stories of those who are as well.


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