Everyblock, the news next door

We live in an age of information overload. As we continue to find ways to disseminate information quickly to the masses we face a new problem, there is simply too much information out there with few ways to filter it.

I was recently exposed to a site that it seems is trying to alleviate this problem when it comes to local news. The site is everyblock.com and it does this by going “hyperlocal.” The site was originally funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation, but now owned by MSNBC. A newsfeed site that covers various cities across the United States, everyblock.com links news from various sources, thereby cataloging all interest worthy events in a given city, sorting it geographically and making it easily accessible

Browsing through the site I easily find interesting news stories in various neighborhoods in Miami, making me wish that where I live, Pembroke Pines was covered. I would be very interested in knowing about new businesses opening near me, robberies, following the trials of crimes committed locally and other events that quite frankly, just don’t make into the conventional news sources.

Taking into account my journalistic endeavors, I am even more upset that Pembroke Pines isn’t covered. This site is a useful tool for someone like me in my opinion. It is very refreshing to see so many stories, logically sorted that may otherwise slip through the cracks during the day.


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